After facilitation an annual retreat, the Board Chairperson wrote this in an evaluation: “Grace was able to take our group of diverse, intense individuals, work through our somewhat rambling and unclear agenda, and facilitate a very productive conversation. I would recommend her to any group wanting to tackle any conversation that includes tough questions or intense feelings. She was great!”

When asked what the mediator/faciliator did well during your mediation session, the response was, “She looked at both sides of the matter.”

When asked what could the mediator/faciliator have done better during the mediation sessions, the response was, “Nothing, she was great.”

Judge R. stated to a court room of people that, “We are fortunate to have Ms. Garvey. She is a particularly skilled mediator.”

Judge G. described Irene Grace as, “a terrific mediator.”

Molly commented after a 2017 board retreat: “Grace was extremely helpful in keeping everyone on track during training and helped us to set goals based on what we wanted to achieve. She made sure goals were SMART.”

“Best Neutral I have ever worked with.”

“Thanks Grace for all your patience, fortitude and friendship!”

“It turned out better than I hoped...”

“This was a hard situation—like herding cats. You did well.”

“Thank you. This was a difficult situation to get a handle on. You did well.”

“Good Work, Irene!”

“Irene did an excellent job in keeping meeting organized.”

“The facilitator did a tremendous job moving the group forward to resolving issues preventing us from working cohesively.
Great Job!”