About Us

Common Space Project, formerly known as Abanaki Services, focuses on using neutral facilitation processes to structure and guide citizen conversations for groups wishing to collaborate on issues or ventures.

As an example, Common Space just completed work with two separate NH based Board of Directors to design and guide strategic planning processes.

Our Project’s philosophy is to use Neutral Facilitators, as opposed to having a process facilitated by someone within a group or someone who has emotion tied to the issue or venture.

Using Neutral Facilitators offers a pure process as the Facilitator has no stake in the outcome or an agenda beyond guiding the conversation in a fair and just manner. S/he can use tools and skills to structure the process, then follow the will of the group without trying to control the outcome. By definition, “neutral” imparts an unbiased party.

The Facilitators main tasks when working with any group are: 




Our Team
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Photo of Irene Grace Garvey, Mediator - Facilitator

Irene Grace Garvey
Mediator | Facilitator


Photot of Steve Whitman, Facilitator

Dr. Steve Whitman